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13N80 | Ebony inlaid drop and toggle, silver chain. | $480
13B70 | Ebony bracelet with triangle. | $220


Suzanne shares some history and techniques for using jeweler's saws to create intricate details in jewlery. » Read more about jeweler's saws, blades and sawing techniques «

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    7N102. Necklace. Ebony, silver inlay, silver spheres & discs, 18

    Red Circle Metals shows original jewlery in over twenty galleries around the country.  See the links page for some samples.  Also we travel to a select number of arts & crafts shows each year to sell directly to visitors. 

  • Upcoming Shows

    Art in the High Desert. Outdoor show at The Old Mill, Bend, OR. August 24-26, 2012

    Art in the Pearl.  Outdoor show in North Park blocks, Portland, OR.  September 1-3 (Labor Day weekend), 2012